GLIMS accounting module us fully integrated with the technical side of the solution. All the generated entries from all modules, such as billings, premium payments, commissions, claims, reinsurance, etc are directly posted into the accounting tables.

Thus at any instance, the accounting modules reflects the technical side, and the management can, by a single click, have all the results, and things such as profitability, loss ratios or any other useful information are presented at any time.

Below are some of the Glims accounting system specifications:

Centralised accounting management.

Real time synchronisation between technical and financial operations.

Analysis and ground based for statistical reports.

A full set of accounting and financial reports that covers both the company needs and the managerial analysis needs .

Automatic checks payments.

Electronic payments that goes beyond printing checks, to fund transfers to beneficiary bank accounts, such as commissions payments, claims payments, medical fees payments, etc.
This efficiency where all the payments are directed through one centralized process would facilitate the task of paying all the parties and would enhance the overall staff productivity.

Easy to use, where instructions for each business process are clear, and visual organized in clear windows.