GLIMS Strength

Among GLIMS strength & advantages, below are the main key strength that gives GLIMS a competitive advantage over other competitor's insurance packages.

1. Price Structure

GLIMS has the following advantages in regards to the product pricing:

  • A reasonable price compared to other competitors product, making it affordable to small, middle, and large scale insurance companies
  • A flexible pricing structure, where the system can be priced based on modules, in such a way that the insurance company can choose a set of modules and it would be priced accordingly.

2. Deployment in Wide Countries – Example Nigeria

GLIMS is currently functioning in the Nigerian market for an insurance company (GoldLink PLC) having 15 branches all across the country, with a large number of users that are simultaneously accessing the system, with a remarkably fast response time considering the large number of policies, variety of products, and the distance constraints.

3. GLIMS - One System for General Business, Group & Pension, and Individual Life

GLIMS is a one system that handles General Business, Group Life, Pension, and Individual Life

General Insurance Products

GLIMS handles all aspects of general insurance products, not limited to:

  • Fire & Special Perils, Householders, Industrial All Risks, House Owner, Consequential Loss, Combined, Personal Lines
  • Motor, Private & Commercial, Motorcycle, Motor Trade
  • Marine Hull & Cargo, War, Seizure, Excess Buy Back, Loading
  • Engineering Plant All Risks, Contractors, Machinery Breakdown & Consequential, Electronic Equipment, Loss, Computer All Risks
  • Burglary, Money Insurance, Goods & Cash in Transit, Personal Accident, Workmen Compensation, Combined Policies, Fidelity Guaranteed, Liabilities
  • Oil & Gas on Shore and Off Shore, Machinery Breakdown, All Risks and Liabilities
  • Bonds & Indemnities, Custom, Bid and Performance Bonds, Advanced Payment Bonds, Loss of Share Certificates, Retention and Security Bonds
  • Aviation Hull & Cargo, Full Flight Risk, Ground Risk, Crew Personal Accidents, Passenger, Luggage, and Third Party Liability

Life Products

For Individual Life, the following products currently covered by GLIMS:

  • Individual - Unit Linked
  • Stand Alone Policies
  • Endowment Assurance with Profits
  • Anticipated Endowment Assurance with Profits
  • Educational Endowment Assurance with Profits
  • Whole Life Assurance with Profit- Limited Term
  • Mortgage Protection Assurance – Annual Premium
  • Level Term Assurance
  • Family Income Benefits

Group Life Products

For Group Life, the following products are covered by GLIMS

  • Group Life
  • Pension Contributory
  • Pension Non Contributory
  • Pension Endowments

4. Multi Company

GLIMS covers the multi company structure system, where an organization with multi company, with multiple branches in each company, can be accommodated easily, and with one key stroke, the balances, trial balances and balance sheets can be produced and printed for the whole company's subsidiaries and branches, giving the management an immediate results any time it is needed.

5. Multi Lingual & Multi Currency

GLIMS is a multi lingual system, giving the insurance company the flexibility to:

  • Produce documents in multi language format, based on the needs.
  • Change the graphical user interface language if necessary to appear in the local language, or any foreign language required.

In addition, GLIMS is a multi currency system, with 3 base currency structures, making the handling of on shore and off shore business as easy as it could be.

6. Printing & Reporting Tools

GLIMS produces a set of predefined reports, as well as is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and Excel, making the printing mechanism very flexible and manageable by the users.

Any Client document can be tailored based on a user request, and be available at once, without any delay or programming effort. The report can be produced either in PDF Format, Microsoft Word or Excel, and the user can do all the necessary amendments if needed on that report.

This feature gives the insurance company an advantage and a competitive edge, where no constraints exist for printing any type of reports, logos, titles, formatting, colors, etc.

7. Fully Integration

GLIMS is a fully integrated system, with a single entry point. Once an entry is entered to the system, such as a client, it would be automatically reflected all over the system as one single code, preventing duplication, and making accurate company decisions in regards to:

  • Clients Sum at Risk
  • Client Reinsurance Limits
  • Statistical Reporting


8. Client/Broker Portal

GLIMS is fully web enabled system developed with the latest Oracle database and designers technology. Having said that, all GLIMS functionalities can be hosted and made available on the World Wide Web, based on a system security and user administration rules set by the insurance company. Both insured, and Agents/Broker can access the system based on a user name and password provided by the insurance company, and can do the following:


  • Query the outstanding premiums and payment schedules
  • Query policy statuses
  • Validate processed payments
  • Review unit linked policies and prices based on the markets changes


  • Review proposals
  • Review payment schedules for customers