Individual Term Life

Individual Life Unit Link

Individual Stand Alone Policy

GLIMS enables the insurance company to handle the contract management of the Full Life Cycle of an Individual Life Policy, with all the supporting reports, as follows:



Policy Stages – Quotation, Outstanding, Confirmed, Posted

Policy Issuing – Individual & In Bulk

Automatic Bills/Commission Generations

Automatic Generation of Accounting Entries

Direct Payment and Direct Debit Payments


Renewal – Manual & Automatic

Paid Up – Manual & Automatic

Pre Anniversaries – Early Detection of Premium Increases Due to Ages, Covers & Extras Terminations, Maturities, …

Anniversaries – Manual & Automatic

Lapses – Manual & Automatic

Automatic Surrenders – Manual & Automatic


Not Taken

Standard Reinstatement and Reinstatement by Redating

Partial & Full Surrenders – Premium & Ad Hoc Units

Fund Switching

Policy Loan and Automatic Payment Loan

Dunning Daily Procedure :

Waiver of Premium Payments

Automatic Payments From Suspense

Issue Letters (Warning, Lapse, Payment Notification, APP, APL, …)

Automatic Lapse, Paid Up and Auto Surrenders

Policy Auto Extensions

APP - Automatic Premium Payments with units

APL – Automatic Payment by Loan

Nightly Batch Procedures:

Dunning/Regular Billing Procedure

Charging Procedure

Automatic Units Allocation


Automatic Anniversaries

Daily Interest Calculation For Loans

Loans Capitalizations